20 08 2008


Long time ago., there lived a poor widow in West Sumatra. Her name was Mande Rubiah. She lived with her son. His name was Malin Kundang. She loved her son very much.

When Malin Kundang was fifteen years old, he worked as a porter on a merchant ship. He had been abroad for many years but he didn’t send any news to his mother. His mother missed him.

The captain of the ship liked him because he worked very hard. When he was older the captain asked him to marry his daughter. He worked even more successfully so that when the captain died he got all of the captain’s wealth and he also became the new captain. He was very rich but unfortunately he became too proud and arrogant because of his wealth.

One day, Malin Kundang’s ship dropped anchor at the Batang Arau Harbor. Then his mother, who had been waiting for years, heard about this. She went to the ship to see her beloved son. But what happened ? Malin Kundang did not want to admit that Mande Rubiah was his mother. He knew it but he was too arrogant to do it. He did not want his beautiful wife see the old and ugly woman coming to him as his mother. He even scolded her and asked his guards to send her away.

His mother was very sad. She sorrowfully knelt down to pray to god, “Oh, God, I know he is my son. But why has turned so wicked ? Please, God, don’t let this wickedness continue. Punish him as You wish !”

Then when the ship sailed, suddenly the sky turned dark, and a strong wind blew the ship violently. Malin Kundang and all of his guards were drowned. The ship turned upside down and it immediately turned into a stone.

Now, when we go to the beach near Padang we can see a rock which looks like a ship. People say that it was Malin Kundang’s ship




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